None of us can deny that garage doors are essential parts of our home. It seems our exteriors are not complete without them. In fact, garage doors are considered as a required part of your home especially if you have a personal vehicle. Whether you are living in Florida or Wisconsin, your house definitely needs a high quality garage door.

Because of the advancement and development of technologies, garage doors that are available in the market are more durable that they can stand weathering and rusting. Garage doors come in different types. Let’s have a quick overview of them:

  • WOOD GARAGE DOORS – they are known for having this classic and natural beauty. They are readily available and are easy to customize. However, wooden garage doors need constant care and maintenance because they are more prone to damage.
  • STEEL GARAGE DOOR – these are the types of garage doors that are extremely popular because of their durability, cheaper price and low maintenance. These are also excellent in imitating the looks of wooden garage doors.


Aside from wood or steel, there are also different variations of garage doors you can choose from. It is very important that you know what type you really want and what you really need. Not all garage doors available in the market are suitable for what you need. You must know which type you are looking for.

  • STEEL GARAGE DOORS – As mentioned earlier, steel garage doors are really stronger than any other type. They have a very low maintenance rate and people almost do not need to bother cleaning it every single time. They won’t warp, crack, delaminate or fall apart because of any weather. They have strong materials which help them be more durable.
  • FIBERGLASS AND ALUMINUM GARAGE DOORS – These garage doors are lightweight. They include translucency and resistance to the effects of salt air. They are good in places which are needed to receive light emission. Because of its ability to reflect light from the outside, they can help reduce the utility of electricity. When it comes to durability, fiberglass garage doors are last on the list. Although there are companies who are using more advanced technology, it cannot be avoided that these are fragile.
  • WOOD GARAGE DOORS – Many people choose this very popular type because of their cheapness and natural-looking. They are also very easy to use. Aside from that, you can be more creative when using wooden garage door. You can use paint to add some aesthetics

Once you are decided to the type of garage door you want for your house, it would be easy for you to decide what type will you get. Carefully plan everything as it would be too hard for you to cancel what you have chosen. In addition, garage doors can be too expensive. Also regular maintenance is required and you should always choose the best. I can only speak from my experience but the best Wichita garage door repair may be different than another company in Oklahoma City. You have to repaint or refurnish your garage door at least once a year to prolong its life and avoid early damages.